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All About Health Network has been working with a variety of Health & Wellness Brands in the e-commerce marketplace for over thirty years and counting. We offer a variety of comprehensive services that can help your brand to maximize it's potential on multiple platforms.


“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.”

Steve Jobs


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A hands on approach to business growth

Founded by health practitioner and wellness researcher John William Johnson over thirty years ago, All About Health Network helps brands excel in the fast paced, ever-changing world of e-commerce. We focus on all things health for both people and pets. 

John began his personal career as a Massage Therapist & Psychotherapist who has always loved spending time with animals. He soon realized that he could have a greater impact on the world by working with tools and information that people use on a daily basis in addition to using his skill set to improve animal well-being.

This approach to business has led him to work with a variety of health & wellness brands over the years, helping to impact the quality of life for countless people and pets. 

A variety of brands such as Yamuna Body Rolling, US Jaclean & Hitachi Consumer Services have all seen great succes with John and All About Health Network through the years. 

Let us help your brand to find it's niche audience and explosive growth on-line. 


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